3″ x 300′ Polyester Webbing, B.S 15,000 lbs – Yellow


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Width: 3 inch
Breaking Strength: 15,000 lbs
Material: Polyester
Color: Yellow
Size: 3″ x 300′

Disclaimer: All webbing products may have splices


We offer highly durable polyester webbings in various widths and strength for all your project needs. Purchase the 300′ roll in yellow to secure cargo, to create various lengths of straps, and to replace your worn webbing straps.

* Ratchet tie down straps
* Tie-downs for trucks and vehicles
* Securing cargo for transit
* Furniture delivery
* Home improvement & construction
* Climbing harnesses
* Boat rigging
* Fall safety harnesses
* Lifting slings
* Children safety straps and belts
* Cam buckle, winch, tent straps

Polyester has a low stretch factor, much less compared to nylon and polypropylene, which is why our polyester webbing is ideal for ratchet straps . The non-porous fiber in the polyester webbing resists water absorption, making it ideal to use outdoors. Our 3-inch wide webbing has a breaking strength of 18,000 lbs, which is ideal for jobs that need the toughest, industrial-level durability. Our webbing is compatible with ratchets, cams, tri-glide slides, military buckles and D-rings.

Our polyester webbing material is water resistant, and therefore, is highly resistant to mold, mildew, rotting, stretching and abrasion. Our webbing is resistant to shrinkage and has a high temperature threshold, which means that it can withstand harsh weather elements. Our webbing is also resistant to UV rays, as well as common chemicals. High strength factor makes our polyester webbing an excellent choice for outdoors.


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