Mesh Tarps

The advantage of Mesh tarp compared to other material tarp is that it is lighter, less resistant to wind and easier to apply. Because of these reasons, the use of our mesh tarps and mesh material has grown exponentially within the last few years.

These mesh tarps are now an integral part of the construction industry, commonly used as temporary fencing on construction sites, used to cover scaffolding, debris nettings on the high rise buildings. The use of these materials in the agriculture industry is still growing and we are finding new and more innovative materials to improve and change. We are excited and promise to continually learn and educate ourselves to be the best provider of these mesh-related tarps.

The following are a list of the names of tarps and materials that are currently being used:

Cherry Tree Cover
Shade cover for cattle.
Blackout fabric
Bee netting
Hail Net
Bird Netting
Ground Cover