Truck Tarps

Initially, the majority of our customers were in trucking and our emphasis from the get-go was building the truck tarps. Currently, we stock at least 4 different truck tarps at our locations and custom manufacture several others as needed.  Our stocked tarps are made from 16-ounce black vinyl and these sizes are 8-foot lumber tarps to basic rectangular steel tarps.  All these have grommets on the outer edges and two to three rows of d-rings sewn into the tarps. For those customers that may need special sizes or lighter material tarps, we consistently produce lumber tarps in the combination of materials using airbag fabric, 10, 14 to 18 ounces of vinyl. In addition to this, the following are a list of tarps we have produced or sell:

Hay Tarps, Bee Tarps, Coil Tarps, Box Tarps, 3 pieces Combination Lumber Tarps, Machine Tarps.