2” x 300′ Polypropylene Webbing, B.S. 640 lbs – Black


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Width: 2 inch
Breaking Strength: 640 lbs
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Black
Size: 2 in wide x 300 ft long

Disclaimer: All webbing products may have splices


Webbing in polypropylene material is best for lightweight loads and outdoor activities, such as marine supplies, boats and fishing lashing straps, pet straps, luggage straps, tent straps, etc. For heavy cargo and loads, it’s best to use polyester webbing, since polyester webbing is highly resistant to stretching. Check out our cargo webbings for heavier loads.

Polypropylene webbing is popular for its affordable price, especially compared to webbings in nylon or polyester material. Polypropylene webbing is ideal for marine supplies and outdoor gears, since it floats on water and doesn’t change color even when exposed to frequent sunlight. Polypropylene webbing is resistant to glues and solvents, which makes it perfect to use for various products, such as dog collars, belts, bag straps, and etc.

Because polypropylene material is much lighter and more resistant to water absorption than nylon or polyester, it makes an excellent choice for backpack straps, tarp tie-downs, and tree straps.

Polypropylene webbing is mold, mildew, moisture and rot resistant, making them excellent choices for outdoor gears and applications.



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