Heavy Duty Lumber Truck Tarps – 20′ x 27′ (6′ Drop) Black 10 oz


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We currently stock nine different truck tarps across our various locations and also offer custom manufactured tarps as needed.  Most of our stocked tarps are made from 16-ounce black vinyl but we do have tarps in 10 ounces red vinyl and black vinyl and other combinations of materials.  All of our tarps have grommets on the outer edges and two to three rows of d-rings sewn into the tarps. If you need special sizes or lighter material tarps, we consistently produce lumber tarps in the combination of materials using airbag fabric, 10, 14 to 18 ounces of vinyl.
In addition to this, the following are a list of tarps we have custom produced:
Bee Tarp:
Coil Tarp
10 Foot Drop Lumber Tarp
12 Foot Drop Lumber Tarp.
Box Tarp.


Our 6-foot truck tarps are 20 feet wide, 27 feet long, with an 6 feet flap in the front.  They have grommets and D-rings every 24 inches, except where it’s indicated in the diagram above. These heavy-duty, commercial-grade truck tarps are made with 10 ounces vinyl coated waterproof fabric and are UV resistant, mildew resistant, oil/grease resistant, and resilient to tearing. Our truck tarps are reinforced with heat-sealed seams, double-stitched hem, and rust-resistant grommets. They have three rows of double-stitched 2″ polyester webbing lined with D-rings for convenient tie-down applications.

QUALITY: Our truck tarps adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that you get high-quality products that’ll withstand heavy use and application on a flatbed trailer. Before shipping our products, we personally inspect and confirm that all of our truck tarps adhere to quality specifications for high customer satisfaction.


6′ Drops for trailer up to 48′
Grommets and D rings every 24” except where indicated
Finished size: 20′ x 27′ x 6′
Dee Lines: 24″, 48″, and 72″ up on sides and on tail
10 oz Vinyl coated waterproof fabric


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