Black Mesh Roll – 40% Shade



Our lightest knitted mesh roll using the same HDPE monofilament yarn is heavily requested in the agriculture industry. This high quality, heavy-duty 40% Shade Black Mesh Roll allows substantial air to flow while blocking 40% of the U.V. rays.  It is designed for outdoor use and is created to be durable, UV resistant, tear-resistant, mildew resistant, and acid-resistant for long use.


The 40% Shade Black Mesh Roll is ideal to use to protect your plants, cover any garden, or nursery, and to be used for plants that need partial shade since the 40% Shade Black Mesh Roll will not disrupt photosynthesis. The 40% Shade Black Mesh Roll is great as a greenhouse cover based on plant lighting needs.

Order tarps direct from us to purchase 40% Shade, Black Mesh Roll, at an affordable price.


Material: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Construction: Monofilament with High UV Treatment
Knit Pattern: Warp knitted
Weight: 3.6 oz. Per Square Yard (121 gsm)
Maximum Width: 20′ (6 meters)
UV Block: 40% shade rate
Color: Black
10 year prorated warranty against UV degradation


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